Personal Injury

Over the past 12 years my office has helped individuals obtain the results they deserve. We initially utilize alternative dispute resolution - Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration in an attempt to settle the claims. If the defendants are not reasonable we have no problem putting on our case at Trial and letting a Jury decide.

We are proud to say we have had great success in front of a jury.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
- Rear end accidents
- Roadway violations
- Red light
- Stop sign
- Wrong way

Slip and Falls
- Unsafe conditions in the building/store
- Water, ice and snow
- Old spills ( liquids, fruits and vegtables)
- Dangerous and unmarked obstacles

Premises Security and Safety
- Inadequate police or security
- Untrained security
- Inadequate lighting
- Dangerous stairs
- Inadequate safety railings